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Maja e Hasanit (Hasan’s Peak) beautiful hike near Peja

Maja e Hasanit (Hasan's Peak) is a short and beautiful hike into a mountain peak located near the city of Peja, Kosovo. If you are planning an outdoor day activity - a moderate hiking trip, this place is perfect. This destination is not a very popular outdoor destination, but quite a beautiful one.   How

Maja e Hasanit (Hasan’s Peak) beautiful hike near Peja2021-02-22T09:56:02+01:00

Via Ferrata Deçani

Deçan is a beautiful town located in the west part of Kosovo! A great thing about Deçan is the fact that it lies close to the beautiful Accursed Mountains. Going to the mountains, you need to pass through the fabulous gorge of Deçan. Another unique thing you will occur there is Via Ferrata Deçani.

Via Ferrata Deçani2021-01-05T21:08:28+01:00

7 hiking trips in Kosovo and Albania you must hit in 2021

It's time for New Year's resolution. Don't forget to add in your Checklist hiking in Kosovo and Albania! Regardless of their small size, Albania and Kosovo offer many activities for all their guests. From mountains to the sea, from archaeological parks to incredible hikes: they have all. The countries are being exciting destinations located in

7 hiking trips in Kosovo and Albania you must hit in 20212021-01-05T19:38:40+01:00

Via Ferrata Panorama Prizren

Prizren is very well known for its culture, history, and I am so proud to call it my hometown! Another great thing about Prizren is the fact that this city is surrounded by mountains. Starting from the Sharr Mountains in the east and south, Koritnik, Pashtrik, in the south and west, and Kabash mountains in

Via Ferrata Panorama Prizren2020-05-21T10:56:02+02:00
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