Want to have the perfect weekend getaway? Visit the most extraordinary place you’ll find in Kosovo, which is Rugova Canyon. It is located in the north-west of the city of Peja, Kosovo.
Rugova’s mystical mountains are perfect for hiking, skiing, and camping. In the meantime, you will be lucky enough to enjoy beautiful waterfalls, lakes, high mountain peaks, and tunnels.
Another special thing you will occur there is Via Ferrata, which is the only one in the Balkans.
Beautiful colors in each season, great places to spend a few nights and an amazing escape from the noise and turbulence.


How to get to Rugova Canyon

The Rugova canyon is located in the Accursed Mountains (Prokletije), north-west of the city of Peja in Kosovo, only 3 km from the Patriarchate of Peja. Peja is a great city surrounded by the Accursed Mountains. Reaching Peja is very easy. There is a train going two times per day from Prishtina to Peja. Also,  you have a bus going from the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina to Peja every hour (from Prishtina main bus station). It’s the same if you are going from Prizren to Peja.

About the Rugova Canyon and Via Ferrata

The Canyon’s length is 25 km and the depth 1’000 m, therefore it is considered one of Europe’s deepest and longest canyons. There, you can find Via Ferrata, and climbing it is one of the best adventures in Kosovo. I would highly recommend it if you are planning a great outdoor trip to Rugova. There are two Via Ferrata, I would suggest starting from Via Ferrata 2, and then when you finish it, turn right and follow the signs to the second half of your adventure, Via Ferrata 1. Stunning views of Rugova Canyon, you can see while climbing Via Ferrata.