Prizren is very well known for its culture, history, and I am so proud to call it my hometown! Another great thing about Prizren is the fact that this city is surrounded by mountains. Starting from the Sharr Mountains in the east and south, Koritnik, Pashtrik, in the south and west, and Kabash mountains in the north. This makes Prizren a great destination for everyone to visit, and hike. Another special thing you will occur there is Via Ferrata Prizren. Beautiful colors in each season, great views, and an amazing escape from the noise and turbulence.


How to get to Via Ferrata Panorama

Via Ferrata is located near Prizren. The distance between the Prizren center and the starting point is 4.5 km. Via Ferrata is located in the fabulous gorge of Lumbardh that lies at the foot of the beautiful slopes of the Sharr and KoxhaBallkan mountains. You can walk, bike, or drive until the starting point. The direction is Prizren to Prevalla road. After 4.5 km, on your left, you will see a Tibetian bridge, and there is the starting point. The destination is around 5 minutes drive from Prizren and a 1-hour drive from the capital, Prishtina.


About Via Ferrata Prizren

Via Ferrata Prizren

Via Ferrata Prizren

Via Ferrata Panorama is a mountainous attraction from where you can enjoy climbing the large northern wall of the Lumbardhi gorge. The start is easy through a Tibetian bridge, and then in a mountain trail, until you arrive at the place called the Balcony where you will find a magic view of the road, Sharr mountains, and the hill in front. After a short break there, you will start climbing to the most exciting part. The adrenaline is to the max! The climbing route is around 510 m and highly secured. You will need special equipment for this climb, and if you are not experienced enough, please take a guide! Contact for equipment: Via Ferrata Prizren

There is no water source except the Lumbardh river during the climb, so take around 1 liter of water.


Points of interest:
Starting point: Prizren
Climbing route: 510m
Height difference: 185m
Climbing time: 1:30 h
Duration of the return-path: 30 min