Kosovo Mirusha

Mirusha waterfalls, gorgeous waterfall series in Kosovo

Mirusha waterfalls is a waterfall series located in central Kosovo. It is a very famous touristic attraction, and it is a perfect place for an outdoor day trip. There you can hike, climb and swim. Furthermore, you can enjoy the freshness of the waterfalls.


How to get there

The geographical position of the Mirusha waterfalls is perfect, therefore it is reachable from every part of Kosovo. The distance from the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina is 65 km, the distance from the city of Prizren is 62 km and from the city of Peja is 37 km. The nearest city to Mirusha is Klina.

About the Mirusha waterfall trip

When you arrive at the regional road stop, where you can park the car, you can find the last mini markets where you can buy food or water. Then, you will just follow the unpaved path by walking. This path is very well signed, and you will easily reach the first waterfall.

If you want to go to the second waterfall and to the third waterfall, just follow the path. After the third waterfall, you have to climb up a rocky hill, where you need to use your hands. There is a fixed rope, and if you follow this rope, you will go through one of the best outdoor attractions in the Balkans. The rope leads you to the 6th waterfall, which I think it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this series.

The water is cold but you need to try to swim there, it is gorgeous!

During the winter, when the temperatures are below zero degrees, the waterfalls will be frozen, therefore this place is even much more beautiful.

This is a moderate trip, and anyone can do it, besides the three last waterfalls. You need to take 1-2 liters of water.


Check out the album from this trip:

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