Maja Cet Harushes Valbone

Hi and Welcome to my web!

I am Granit Temaj, an enthusiastic and energetic outdoor freak based in Kosovo! My story is short and sweet – I started hiking – I realized I loved it and it turned into my passion and hobby – into everything I look forward to doing when I am not working at the office.

I have started hiking in the mountains in 2015, for five years now I have hiked almost each mountain peak in Kosovo and Albania. Besides hiking into mountains, I am exploring the most remote places in Albania, and Kosovo, such as waterfalls, canyons, beaches, and so on.

Through photography, I have been promoting outdoor destinations and by that, I have made people move from their couches and start hiking – which remains one of my goals because nature does not only do good to your body but also to your mental health.

As you may know, hiking calms your mind and inspires you to become a better version of yourself. That’s where it CLICKED in my mind that I should put my skills and passion to use to serve as a guide for locals and international tourists – and that is what I am doing for two years now!

I have started my small company and am looking forward to developing it – now is your chance to hike with a funny and very positive hiking buddy!

Baby steps lead to great success therefore I invite you to join in for making memories you will never forget.