If you are planning to visit and hike in Kosovo, Rugova mountains is a must. Located in north-west part of Kosovo, in the border between Kosovo and Montenegro is a region within the Accursed Mountains (Prokletije)

Koshutan is not a very popular outdoor destination. The reason for this is the fact that the road was unpaved and difficult passable. But, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful and panoramic destinations there.

From Koshutan you can hike to some peaks like Maja e Dromodolit (Dromodol peak), Hajla e Vranovcit (Hajla e Koshutanit) and Hajla e Shkrelit.

In this post, I will describe the hike from Koshutan to Maja e Drmdolit.


How to get to Koshutan, Rugova Mountains


Koshutan is 23 km from the Patriarchate of Peja. Peja is a great city surrounded by the Accursed Mountains. Reaching the city Peja is very easy. There is a train going two times per day from Prishtina to Peja. Also,  you have a bus going from the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina to Peja every hour (from Prishtina main bus station). It’s the same if you are going from Prizren to Peja.

There is no bus going from Peja to Koshutan, Rugova Mountains, so you need a private car or a taxi.


About the Koshutan to Dromidol peak hike

From Koshutan you need to continue ascending through a forest. You just need to follow the road for around 4 km. When you will arrive at the last mountain huts, you will see a huge peak in front of you. This is Maja e Dromidolit peak. You will continue hiking through for around 2 km and then start ascending to the peak. When you reach the peak the views are incredible! During the winter be prepared for a lot of snow.

There isn’t any water source, therefore take around 2 liters of water. The total distance is 14 km.


Points of interest:

Starting point: Koshutan, Peja

Starting altitude: 1’366 m/alt

Highest altitude: 2’152 m/alt

Elevation gain: 796 m/alt


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