Jazhinca is a mountain lake in Kosovo, which is located in Sharr Mountains (Šar Mountains). The elevation of this lake is 2’180 m/alt.


How to get there

The starting point for this trail is near the touristic village of Prevalla, Prizren. The distance between Prevalla and the starting point is around 3 km. There are two ways to get to Prevalla. The first way is from the city of Prizren, you will go through some villages and Sharr Mountains range. When you arrive in Prevalla, you continue the road to Brezovica. On the right side of the road, you will see a water spring. There is the starting point of the trail.
The other way is to go through the town of Shterpce. Once you arrive in Shterpce you continue to Brezovica, and then just follow the road to Prevalla. 3 km before arriving in Prevalla, you will see the water spring on the left.


About the Prevalla – Jazhinca lake hike

Hiking to Jazhinca lake, it’s an easy and very beautiful daily hiking trip. Most of the hike is going through forests. After 2.6 km you have to cross one little river which is just too deep, so take off the shoes and walk through the cold water. After 7 km for 1.3 km, the terrain is rocky. When you arrive at this lake, the view is amazing. You will be surrounded by the beautiful Sharr Mountains range. The highest peak is Bistra 2’651 m/alt. This is a glacial lake, so it’s a very cold one. However, you can try to swim there! The heart-shape is visible from a rock around 50 m above the lake, where the rock covers a part of the lake.

This trail is beautiful during all the seasons, especially in early summer. There are a lot of water sources all the way up, so take around 1 liter of water.

During all the trail you will have signs, and the path is visible. The distance of this trail is 16.2 km.

Points of interest:
Starting point: Prevalla, Kosovo
Starting altitude: 1’406 m/alt
Highest altitude: 2’180 m/alt
Elevation gain: 774 m/alt


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