Liqenat (also known as Leqinat) is a mountain lake and peak in the border between Kosovo and Montenegro located near Kuqishte village. If you are planning an outdoor day activity – moderate hiking trip, combined with a picnic in one of the 2 lakes, this place is perfect. This destination is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Kosovo.


How to get there

The starting point for this hike is a restaurant called Vila Guri i Kuq, which is located in the village called Kuqishtë. Going there is very easy and the road is paved.

First, you need to go to the city of Peja, where you can find the last supermarkets. Then, you will follow the road to the Monastery of Peja which leads you to the beautiful Rugova Canyon. After passing through Rugova Canyon, you will go through a bridge. You need to turn left (Follow the signs to Vila Guri i Kuq). The restaurant serves great traditional meals. You can park the car, and start your hiking trip.


About the Liqenat hike

From Guri i Kuq, Kuqishte you need to continue ascending through a forest, and there you can find the last water source. You just need to follow the signs through a sheep path and you will be to the first lake called Kuqishtë lake. The distance is around 2.5 km. There you can have a break and then move forward to the next lake called Drelaj lake. This lake is smaller than the first one. The distance between the two lakes is around 1.5 km. The path has signs and it is easy to follow.

During the winter this hiking trail is perfect for snowshoeing.

This hike is an easy one, the total distance is around 8 km, therefore you need around 2 liters of water.

Points of interest:

Starting point: Restaurant Guri i Kuq, Peja

Starting altitude: 1’405 m/alt

Highest altitude: 1’874 m/alt

Elevation gain: 654 m/alt


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