Bjeshka e Kabashit is a very beautiful mountain located in the south part of Kosovo, near the city of Prizren. From the top of this mountain, you will have stunning 360-degree views of the Accursed Mountains, Pashtrik Mountain and the Sharr Mountains. In this mountain, you can find ancient Illyrian relics from the IV-V B.C.


How to get there

This mountain is located in the village called Korisha, which is located 7 km from the city of Prizren in Kosovo. To go there, you need to head to the road to Suhareka, and then after 7 km turn right. Follow the road which will lead you to the center of Korisha. There you can find a mini market, and you can park the car. If you have a 4×4 car, you can continue going uphill to a village called Kabash.


About the Bjeshka e Kabashit hike

From Korisha to a village called Kabash the distance is around 7 km. It is an unpaved road, easy to follow, and you can see a lot of mountain huts. After reaching there you need to follow the road, which will lead you to a water source. This is the last water source. Then, you will continue hiking through a forest until you will reach a meadow hill, which is very beautiful. You will need to ascend this hill to arrive at the peak which is called  Maja e Kabashit (also known as Guri i zi). The elevation of this peak is 1945 m/alt.


The views from the top are stunning and 360-degrees. From there you can enjoy the view of Accursed Mountains, Pashtrik Mountain, Oshlak Peak, and the Sharr Mountains.

As mentioned before in this mountain you can find very 2500 years old relics and a very old Church.


There are some water sources on this hiking trip, therefore you need around 2 liters of water.