Kosovo is located in the center point of the Balkan Peninsula (south-east of Europe).

Hiking in Kosovo is a great activity if you are planning an adventurous and active holiday.

Kosovo’s best one-day hikes


1. Liqenat lakes

Liqenat lake cover

Liqenat (also known as Leqinat) is a mountain lake and peak in the border between Kosovo and Montenegro. If you are planning an outdoor day activity – moderate hiking trip, combined with a picnic in one of the 2 lakes, this place is perfect. This destination is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Kosovo.

Points of interest:

Starting point: Restaurant Guri i Kuq, Peja

Starting altitude: 1’405 m/alt

Highest altitude: 1’874 m/alt

Elevation gain: 654 m/alt

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2. Jazhince lake

Jazhinca lake Kosovo 2180

Jazhinca lake (also known as Jazhince lake) is a mountain lake in Kosovo, which is located in Sharr Mountains (Šar Mountains). The elevation of this lake is 2’180 m/alt. This is a glacial lake, so it’s a very cold one. However, you can try to swim there! The heart-shape is visible from a rock around 50 m above the lake, where the rock covers a part of the lake.

Points of interest:

Starting point: Prevalla, Kosovo

Starting altitude: 1’406 m/alt

Highest altitude: 2’180 m/alt

Elevation gain: 774 m/alt

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3. Oshlak mountain

Oshlak mountain (also called Osljak), a moderate hike with very beautiful views. The ridge of this mountain is very beautiful and it is one of the longest mountain ridges in the Balkans, especially the view of the Sharr mountains range from this mountain is very beautiful.

Points of interest:

Starting point: Prevalla, Kosovo

Starting altitude: 1’417 m/alt

Highest altitude: 2’212 m/alt

Elevation gain: 789 m/alt

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4. Mirusha waterfalls

Mirusha waterfall Kosovo

Mirusha waterfalls is a waterfall series located in central Kosovo. It is a very famous touristic attraction, and it is a perfect place for an outdoor day trip. There you can hike, climb and swim. Furthermore, you can enjoy the freshness of the waterfalls.

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5. Piribreg peak

Piribreg (also known as Peribreg) is one of the top destinations for outdoor enthusiasts in Kosovo, therefore a lot of people are going there for camping, hiking, snowshoeing and also skiing. It is located in Sharr Mountains the elevation of this peak is 2’524 m/alt. The starting point for this peak is the ski resort in Brezovica.

Points of interest:

Starting point: Brezovica, Kosovo

Starting altitude: 1’780 m/alt

Highest altitude: 2’524 m/alt

Elevation gain: 744 m/alt

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