Try not to ditch your hiking gear just because of the colder temperatures. Winter is really a standout amongst the best seasons to hike in Kosovo. This season uncovers delightful perspectives that were once covered up by thick vegetation and change river and waterfall into a frosty wonderland. You may need to wear a couple of more clothes, but dress in layers and you’ll warm up instantly. So right away, here you have some photos of hiking Kosovo mountains in winter, just as some extraordinary trail options to try for yourself.


A staggering perspective of the Accursed mountains while ascending Gjeravica top amid the sunset

Gjeravica hiking snow Kosovo

Gjeravica, 2656 m/alt is officially the highest peak in Kosovo (unofficially is Rudoka 2’658 m/alt). It is the second-highest peak in the Accursed Mountains (Prokletije) after Maja Jezerce 2’694 m/alt. The view of the Accursed Mountains from the top of Gjeravica is extremely impressive!

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Stunning views of the Rugova Mountains from Shtupeq village

Want to have the perfect weekend getaway? Visit the most extraordinary place you’ll find in Kosovo, which is Rugova Canyon. It is located in the north-west of the city of Peja, Kosovo.

Rugova’s mystical mountains are perfect for hiking, skiing, and camping. In the meantime, you will be lucky enough to enjoy beautiful waterfalls, lakes, high mountain peaks, and tunnels.

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Getting lost on beautiful snowy woodlands of Rugova Mountains

Liqenat Rugova hiking winter

Liqenat (also known as Leqinat) is a mountain lake and peak on the border between Kosovo and Montenegro. If you are planning an outdoor day activity – a moderate hiking trip, combined with a picnic in one of the 2 lakes, this place is perfect. This destination is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Kosovo.

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Between the clouds near Kobilica peak in Sharr Mountains

Kobilica Sharr Mountains Kosovo

Kobilica is a very beautiful peak in the Sharr mountains. You can see the city of Tetovo in Macedonia, Prizren in Kosovo, and the Sharr Mountains range. The sharp pyramidal shape of this mountain makes this mountain even more beautiful.

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Enjoy Placidity Of Snow Whiteness in Piribreg peak – Sharr Mountains

Piribreg is one of the top destinations for outdoor enthusiasts in Kosovo, therefore a lot of people are going there for camping, hiking, snowshoeing, and also skiing. It is located in Sharr Mountains the elevation of this peak is 2’524 m/alt. The starting point for this peak is the ski resort in Brezovica.

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There’s nothing quite like exploring and taking some photos of hiking the Kosovo mountains in winter. Although of the fact that it may be somewhat cold, you will love it, and you’ll get the opportunity to finish the day with a hot chocolate by the fire. Sounds like a really sweet approach to spend a winter weekend if you ask me.


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