Situated at the heart of the captivating Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, Kosova and Albania boast abundant mountainous and hilly landscapes, dominated by impressive ranges such as the Sharr Mountains, Accursed Mountains, and Radika Mountains.

For adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts, embarking on a hiking expedition in this region promises an exhilarating and active holiday experience. Prepare to be enthralled by the awe-inspiring beauty and thrilling trails that await you.


Below, you will find the top five highest mountain peaks in Kosovo and Albania, each offering its own unique charm and allure:


  1. Bistra – Sharr Mountains, 2,651 meters above sea level

Bistra stands tall as the third-highest peak in Kosovo, following Gjeravica and Rudoka. Nestled along the border between Kosovo and North Macedonia, this majestic summit boasts an impressive altitude of 2,651 meters. Multiple trails grant access to Bistra, with popular routes including those starting from Prevalla, traversing the enchanting Lumbardh River spring, or venturing through the picturesque Jazhinca Lake.

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  1. Gjeravica – Accursed Mountains, 2,656 meters above sea level

Gjeravica hiking snow Kosovo

Ascending to an elevation of 2,656 meters, Gjeravica reigns as the highest officially recognized peak in Kosovo (though Rudoka, standing at 2,658 meters, holds the unofficial title). Embraced by the enchanting Accursed Mountains, this summit bestows a remarkable vantage point to behold the region’s awe-inspiring landscapes. The view from Gjeravica’s peak is nothing short of extraordinary.

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  1. Great Rudoka – Sharr Mountains, 2,658 meters above sea level

Great Rudoka 2658 Brod Kosovo North Macedonia

Unofficially claiming the title of Kosovo’s highest peak (officially held by Gjeravica), Great Rudoka stands tall at 2,658 meters. This imposing summit, nestled on the border between Kosovo and Macedonia, proudly forms part of the majestic Sharr Mountains. Embark on a captivating hike through meadow terrain and immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure in the southern reaches of Kosovo.

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  1. Maja Jezercë – Accursed Mountains, 2,694 meters above sea level

Maja Jezercë, revered as the “Queen of the Alps,” stands as the pinnacle of the Prokletije range within the Accursed Mountains. Reaching a breathtaking elevation of 2,694 meters, this summit rewards hikers with awe-inspiring panoramic vistas throughout the trail. The most popular ascent commences at Fusha e Gjes’ in Valbona Valley, leading intrepid explorers to the summit of Maja Jezercë.

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  1. Mount Korab – Radika Mountains, 2,764 meters above sea level

Crowned as the highest peak in both Albania and Macedonia, Mount Korab proudly takes its place as the premier summit within the Radika Mountains. Towering at an impressive altitude of 2,764 meters, it claims the distinction of being the fourth highest peak in the entire Balkan region. The terrain predominantly consists of sprawling meadows, interspersed with occasional rocky trails, offering a challenging yet rewarding hiking experience.

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I hope this glimpse into the five highest mountain peaks in Kosovo and Albania has piqued your interest in these extraordinary natural wonders.

Thank you for exploring the remarkable heights of Kosovo and Albania’s mountains!


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