Regardless of its small size, Albania offers many activities for all its guests. From mountains to the sea, from archaeological parks to incredible hikes: Albania has it all.  The country is an exciting destination located on the Balkan and is one of the best spots to enjoy outdoor activities. Check out my list of the 7 most scenic hikes in Albania. 


7. Famous Valbona to Theth trail

hiking Valbone Theth

Valbona to Theth (Valbona Theth) is one of the most beautiful and popular hikes in the Accursed Mountains (Prokletije). During this hike, you will enjoy the view of the Valbona Valley and then Theth Valley. If you plan to take this hike, you will meet a lot of outdoor enthusiasts from all around the world. The highest peak of this trail is Qafa e Valbones (1’795 m/alt), where the view from there is majestic.

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6. Hiking along Theth and Nderlysa National Parks

Blue Eye Theth Nderlysa Albania

Theth and Nderlysa, are the most beautiful and isolated villages of the Accursed mountains (Prokletije), therefore the last years they have become famous destinations for outdoor enthusiasts from all around the world.

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5. Lake Bovilla, amazing view from Gamti mountain

Lake Bovilla (Bovilla reservoir) is one of the most amazing hidden gems of Albania. This reservoir provides most of the drinking water for the capital of Albania, Tirana. Located around 15 km from the capital of Albania, Tirana makes the place very reachable. You can go there for a picnic or if you want some more adventures you can hike to the Gamti mountain where the view of Bovilla Lake is amazing.

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4. Maja e Qorres, wild mountains and heaven shorelines

Maja e Qorres Llogora National Park

Maja e Qorres is a high mountain peak located in southern Albania, the mountain has an altitude of 2018 meters and is the second highest peak of the Ceraunian Mountains, after Çika peak.

What makes this mountain very special, is the fact that it is located near the Ionian Sea and the views of from the Maja e Qorres Mountain, of this sea, are stunning. At the highest point of this mountain, you will be rewarded with a superb view: wild mountains and heaven shorelines extending along the Ionian coast. Read more: Maja e Qorres


3. Maja e Rosit 360 degrees views along the trail

Maja e Rosit Rosni Vrh Albania Montenegro view

Maja e Rosit (Rosni Vrh) is the 15th highest peak of the Accursed Mountains (Prokletije). It is also called as “Maja e Roshit” and “Rosni Peak“. Located on the border between Albania and Montenegro it’s a perfect hiking peak. During the hike, you can see and enjoy the view of Valbona Valley, Maja e Thate peak, Maja Jezerca peak, Karanfilat range of peaks, Vajusha peak, etc. So, the view during the hike is 360 degrees and magic.

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2. Grama bay and Shën Andre Bay – the heaven on Earth

Grama Bay Karaburun Albania

Grama Bay and Shën Andre Bay are on top of the most beautiful outdoor destinations I’ve ever seen. Located in an unexplored part of Albania, the Bays remain to be virgin. Hiking from Palasë to Shen Andre first, and then to Grama Bay, is one of the most beautiful hikes in southern Albania.

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1. Hiking from Lepushe up to Talijakna peak

Grebaje National Park Talijanka

Lëpushë is a small village located in Northern Albania, the border between Albania and Montenegro. It is part of Kelmend region, in the Shkodër County. Lëpushë is very well known for its beautiful nature and as a great destination and as a great strategic point for hiking trails.

The best view is hiking up to Talijanka peak, where you can enjoy the beautiful views of Karafili massif. Read more: Lepushe 


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