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Lake Bovilla, wonderful outdoor day trip

Lake Bovilla (Bovilla reservoir) is one of the most amazing hidden gems of Albania. This reservoir provides most of the drinking water for the capital of Albania, Tirana. Located around 15 km from the capital of Albania, Tirana makes the place very reachable. You can go there for a picnic or if you want some more adventures you can hike to the Gamti mountain where the view of Bovilla Lake is amazing. Check it out:


How to get to Lake Bovilla

The most preferable way to get to the lake is through the municipality of Kamëz (Bathore), then you go through a village called Zall-Herr (a military base is located there). There is a traffic sign where you need to turn right. From that sign the road is unpaved. You just follow this road through Herraj village and finally, you will arrive at the Lake Bovilla. If you want to follow Google Maps mention Bovilla Climbing Area not Bovilla lake or Bovilla reservoir.


Where to eat

There isn’t any restaurant or supermarket near Bovilla. The last minimarket is in Herraj village, but I would suggest buying in the supermarkets in Bathore, Kamëz.

During the summer there is a small bar next to the lake, where you can enjoy a drink, eat grilled food and maybe swim.


About the hike to Gamti mountain

The hike is moderate, sometimes you need hands. There is no water source in Gamti mountain. The last water source is at the start of the trail. So, make sure you have at least 1.5 liters of water. The hike takes around 2 hours. When you reach the peak, the watercolor of Bovilla is breathtaking.


I’ve attached the wikiloc trail of Bovilla lake to Gamti mountain and back. You can download and follow it:

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  1. Tobias

    Hey, great pictures! One question: you say it takes two hours. Is that to the peak or round trip back to the start?

  2. Tobias

    That is good news, we are arriving tomorrow afternoon in Tirana and I was wondering to do a sunset hike, which should be possible with that timing 🙂

    BTW: great article also concerning the beaches in the south. I hope we manage to find them 😉

  3. Thanks for the information, looks good.

    Just wondering if you know anything about the road coming in from the north? It looks like a dirt track and was wondering if it is passable in a car or if I’d need a 4×4?



  4. James


    Hoping to do this in the summer, looks amazing! Is the track well signposted please? Also, you mention a small bar next to the lake – is this at the start of the track?


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