Embark on an unforgettable alpine journey as you hike from Neuhaus to Boden Schneid, a stunning peak in the Schlierseer mountains. This day trip promises panoramic vistas, challenging terrains, and a rewarding sense of accomplishment. Discover the magic of nature, conquer rocky trails, and soak in breathtaking views of Tegernsee, Mangfall Mountains, and Karwendel. Lace up your hiking boots and get ready to explore this remarkable Bavarian gem.

How to get there

The trail begins at the Dürnbachstrasse car park in Neuhaus (850 m).

If you’re driving, follow the Munich-Salzburg motorway to the Weyarn exit. Continue through Weyarn, Miesbach, Hausham, and Schliersee until you reach Neuhaus. After crossing the level crossing, take the second right onto Josefstal and immediately another right onto Dürnbachstrasse, where you’ll find the hikers’ car park.

Alternatively, opt for a scenic train ride from Munich Central Station to Fischhausen-Neuhaus. From there, a short 20-minute walk along Waldschmidtstraße and Dürnbachstraße brings you to the starting point.

About Neuhaus to Bodenschneid hike

From the Dürnbachstrasse car park in Neuhaus (850 m), ascend towards Boden Schneidhaus (1365 m), where you’ll find a charming alpine hut. The initial stretch offers a leisurely hike, winding through wide roads and a brief forest path. Indulge in the peaceful beauty of the surroundings while journeying to the Raineralm meadows.

From the Bodenschneidhaus, the trail takes on a more adventurous character. Prepare for a partly stony path with rocky steep steps leading to the promising summit of Bodenschneid (1’668 m). Traverse a rope-secured section and conquer a short gully, adding an element of excitement to your ascent. While the climb demands sure-footedness, the unparalleled views awaiting you make every step worthwhile.

The Neuhaus to Boden Schneid hiking trail promises an exhilarating day trip filled with natural beauty, challenges, and triumphs. Immerse yourself in the allure of the Schlierseer mountains, from tranquil forest paths to adrenaline-pumping rocky ascents. Climb the Bodenschneid and stand atop a world of awe-inspiring views, a testament to your adventurous spirit. Experience the magic of Bavaria’s alpine wonderland on this unforgettable journey.

Points of interest: 
Starting point: Neuhaus Bahnhof
Starting altitude: 810 m/alt
Highest altitude: 1’668 m/alt
Elevation gain: 841 m

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