Theth and Nderlysa, are the most beautiful and isolated villages of the Accursed mountains (Prokletije), therefore the last years they have become famous destinations for outdoor enthusiasts from all around the world.


How to get to Theth and Nderlysa

There are two ways to go to Theth and Nderlysa:

From Shkodra

During the summer you have minibuses which travel every morning (around 7 a.m) from Rus in Shkodra.

The minibus goes from Shkodra to Koplik where you can find a supermarket. 70% of the road is unpaved and it takes 3-4 hours to arrive in the Theth village, along the road the views are great.

From Valbona

If you want to hike in one of the most beautiful paths in Albania, probably you need to hike from Valbona to Theth.

Check this trail: Valbona to Theth


Where to eat and sleep

There are a lot of Guesthouses in Theth. Cheap, traditional, cozy and they serve you very delicious food. During the summer, the Guesthouses are usually full of tourists, therefore make sure to book them early.

I think now you have a mini market too, which is located in Theth Center.

Top places

Kulla e ngujimit (Lock-in Tower) and Church of Theth are two most visited destinations. Kulla e ngujimit is a historical destination, very important for the locals and shows how mountain men were trying to avoid the blood feud.

A great outdoor destination is definitely Grunas waterfall, check out the picture:

Follow the trail from Theth Center to Grunas waterfall:

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Another destination is Nderlysa village, where you can find the canyon with so many beautiful natural pools, and Blue eye spring as well.

You can hike for a day, or pay for a taxi from Theth center, the total distance from Theth center to Nderlysa is 8 km, through an unpaved road.

In Nderlysa you can find great Guesthouses too. In my opinion, the Guesthouse called “Bjeshka” is the best one there.

You can go from Theth to Grunas waterfall and then through a sheep path to Nderlysa:

Check out the trail from Theth Center – Grunas Waterfall – Nderlysa:


Trail from Nderlysa to Blue Eye:

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