Grama Bay and Shën Andre Bay are on top of the most beautiful outdoor destinations I’ve ever seen. Located in an unexplored part of Albania, the Bays remain to be virgins. Hiking from Palasë to Shen Andre first, and then to Grama Bay, is one of the most beautiful hikes in southern Albania.

How to get there

The starting point for this hike is in the small village called Palasë. Palasë is located close to the Llogara National Park, down the Qorre Mountain. The distance between Palasë and Dhërmi is around 5 km.

Going from Tirana is very easy. You head to Vlora first, and then you follow the road up to Llogara Pass. Once you arrive there, go down in Dhërmi direction. 5 km before arriving into Dhërmi, turn right to go to Palasë.


About the hike to Grama Bay and Shën Andre Bay

First, you have to go to Palasë shoreline and take after the trail to the church. Take after the way behind the church until the point that you will go to an unpaved road with a few bunkers. After 500 meters, you will confront a sheep path that will lead you until the end. The trail runs parallel to the sea and the landscape is exceptionally lovely. It isn’t very steep.

After 8.5 km of hiking, you will arrive at Shën Andre Bay. This Bay is exceptionally astounding with its uncommon sand and its water. The water is spotless and has an extraordinary shading. Here you will have the chance to appreciate the sun and the find in this perfect corner of the coast. Look at the photo for more:

After arriving at the Shën Andre Bay, there is around 4.5 km left to the Grama Bay. The trail runs parallel with the sea as well, and it is extremely wonderful. You will take after the way, to the point that you land to an old military station which was utilized amid the communist time.  e. From that point, you can appreciate the most delightful perspective of this hike, the perspective of the Grama Bay. It is an immaculate shoreline in an extraordinary environment, where you can appreciate the nature or bathe in the perfectly clear seawater. Check it:

There isn’t any water source on this hike, therefore I would suggest a lot of water – around 4 liters. The weather is very warm, especially starting from May to October, so the best time of the year for this hike is early spring and late autumn.

There isn’t any water source in this hike, subsequently, I would propose a considerable measure of water – around 4 liters. The climate is warm, particularly beginning from May to October, so the best time for this hike is early spring and late autumn, and the total distance for this hike is 13 km.

Points of Interest:

Starting point: Palasë, Albania

Starting altitude: 45 m/alt

Highest altitude: 100 m/alt

Elevation gain: 533 m/alt


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