Matka Canyon is a perfect outdoor destination located near the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. Easy to access, with a lot of different possibilities for outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, canoeing, and boating. Through the Matka Canyon flows the Matka Lake, which is the oldest artificial lake in Macedonia.

Matka is a very popular destination.


How to get there

The distance between Skopje to Matka is 16.7 km, therefore you can go to Matka by bike or by car.

After arriving at the capital of Macedonia, Skopje, head to Saraj, a municipality of Skopje where you can find the last supermarkets. After arriving there, you need to turn left, and after 8.5 km you will arrive in Matka Canyon.


About the Matka Canyon

Once you arrive in Matka, you will see a touristic map of the touristic attractions this Canyon offers. If you want to go for a hike or rock climbing, you need to go to the left. The path will lead you to the top of the canyons, where an old Monastery is. Near Monastery, you will see a rock climbing area, for climbing enthusiasts. The climbing season starts from early April until November. The view of the lake is amazing. Near the Monastery, you will find a great spot for a picnic.

Another path is the normal path where you can access to a restaurant and walk through the canyon, enjoying the magic view. There you can rent a kayak, or pay for a boat trip to Matka Lake, through the Canyons. I would highly suggest this trip!

There are around 10 caves in this area too.

There is another Monastery on the water, called St. Andrews Monastery, so, Matka is a combination of historical Monasteries and outdoor sports.