Nivica Canyon is the definition of why I am in love with hiking in Albania! A very remote destination, one of the longest canyons in Europe (taken together, the canyons are 40 km long and 15 km wide), and a very few people knew about it. This area of Albania offers the combination that every adventure-seeker, tired from overcrowded trails, is looking for. This destination is located in Kurveleshi highlands, Southern Albania.


How to get there and where to eat and sleep

Nivica is a village, which is located in a very remote part of Albania. The distance from the capital, Tirana is around 230 km, and you need around 4 hours to arrive. The closest city from Nivica is Tepelena, 31 km (1 hour). 5 km of this road is still unpaved, and if you have a small car, you need to be very careful. What’s the good thing about this, is that the road will be paved soon.

In Nivica, there is a beautiful local guesthouse, with an amazing view, which is literally located over the canyon (Even the name is Guesthouse on Canyon). The host family (Merjo family) is very friendly and the food is amazing. Everything in this Guesthouse is preserved and you will feel like you are in the 20th century. This is the bedroom:


I  think this is one of the highlights of the trip! If you want to stay there, please contact them on their Facebook page: Bujtina mbi Kanion – Nivica


About the Nivica canyon


As mentioned before. Nivica canyon is one of the longest canyons in Europe. Going down from the Guesthouse, through a marked trail, and walk as much as you want. There you can hike, climb, or swim. There are many waterfalls and stunning places where you can enjoy the virgin nature of this area.

So, I would totally suggest a trip to this very beautiful remote destination!