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Lake Bovilla, wonderful outdoor day trip

Lake Bovilla (Bovilla reservoir) is one of the most amazing hidden gems of Albania. This reservoir provides most of the drinking water for the capital of Albania, Tirana. Located around 15 km from the capital of Albania, Tirana makes the place very reachable. You can go there for a picnic or if you want some

Lake Bovilla, wonderful outdoor day trip2020-07-25T14:26:32+02:00

The 7 Most Scenic Hikes in Albania

Regardless of its small size, Albania offers many activities for all its guests. From mountains to the sea, from archaeological parks to incredible hikes: Albania has it all.  The country is an exciting destination located on the Balkan and is one of the best spots to enjoy outdoor activities. Check out my list of the

The 7 Most Scenic Hikes in Albania2020-03-24T18:01:36+01:00

Jezerca lakes from Valbona, a challenging off-trail hike

Jezerca lakes (also called as Buni i Jezercës) is an amazing outdoor destination located near the highest peak of the Accursed Mountains (Prokletije), Maja Jezercë. The easiest way to go to the lakes is from Vusanje in Montenegro. But, if you want an off-trail adventure, then you definitely should try going from Valbona Valley National

Jezerca lakes from Valbona, a challenging off-trail hike2020-03-23T16:21:05+01:00

Kosovo’s five best one-day hikes

Kosovo is located in the center point of the Balkan Peninsula (south-east of Europe). Hiking in Kosovo is a great activity if you are planning an adventurous and active holiday. Kosovo's best one-day hikes   1. Liqenat lakes Liqenat (also known as Leqinat) is a mountain lake and peak in the border between Kosovo and

Kosovo’s five best one-day hikes2020-03-24T12:00:25+01:00
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