Albania has a small size as a country and hiking in Albania is not very famous, but Albania offers many activities for all its guests. From mountains to the sea, from archaeological parks to incredible hikes: Albania has it all. The country is an exciting destination located on the Balkan which was isolated from the world for around 40 years.
Looks tempting?!
Check out my main reasons why you SHOULD consider it as your next adventure:

Hiking in Albania – Incredible sceneries

Shkelzen hiking Albania Tropoja

“From wild mountains to the beautiful shorelines”, this is the sentence that describes the best Albania if you are traveling from the North to the South. And everywhere you go, you will have the chance to enjoy beautiful landscapes, which will be your life memories.


Hiking in Albania – Go wild, in off-trail

Jezerca Lakes Valbona

Our life is completely into the comfort zone, so imagine going wild for a while.
Don’t expect that every trail you take, is very well signed. And in my opinion, this is attractive. Off-trail hikes, you can find a lot, all around Albania.
You may disconnect from the phone, but definitely, you will find a better connection with nature!


Very friendly local people and live locally

YES, it’s true, locals in Albania are very friendly. Not everyone speaks English in the villages but I am sure that they will do their best to help you in any way possible. It is in Albanian tradition to treat the guests well and with respect.

A lot of locals have turned their houses into Guesthouses, so, they’d truly love to invite you to their homes and show you their lifestyle. You’ll feel like a part of their families. Trying this it’s a must!


Avoid the crowd

Shen Andre Bay Albania
If you are trying to avoid the mainstream destinations, then you should consider Albania. Not a very famous destination like Greece, Italy, or Croatia, but has a lot to offer. Besides this, the prices in Albania are way much cheaper than in the other touristic destinations in Europe.


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