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Vusanje to Valbona via Rosi Pass

Valbona Vusanje Rosi Pass

Vusanje to Valbona is one of the best trails of the Accursed Mountains. Regardless of the fact that it is not very popular (like Valbona to Theth), I think it is very beautiful too. This hike is not only a pass from a village to another village, but it is also a pass-through two beautiful Valleys, Vusanje Valley to Valbona Valley, and it is a pass from the country of Montenegro to Albania. So, you have the chance to cross the border with a view!


How to get to Vusanje

The starting point for this trail is near Gërla Canyon in Vusanje, Montenegro. You need to drive around 4 hours from the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina (around 215 km), or 3 hours from the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica (around 150 km).

Also, you can take the bus to Plav or Gusinje and then take a taxi from there to Vusanje.

If you have a 4 wheel car, you can drive up to Zastan hut, which may save you around 2 hours.


About the Vusanje to Valbona hike

Rosi pass Vusanje Valbona

Vusanje to Valbona hike starting point is near Gërla Canyon. There you can find a restaurant called Restaurant Hartini. Near the restaurant, you can find the Gërla waterfall.
After 1.5 km of walk, on your right side, you can find a very beautiful spring called, Blue Eye of Vusanje or Oko Skakavice (The eye of a grasshopper). The water is drinkable and there you can find the last water source of this trail. (Note: During October and November is completely dry, so you need to fill the bottles to the Restaurant I mentioned above):

You will walk through an unpaved road for around 5.8 km, up to Zastan hut.

From there you will take the trail, ascending for around 5 km up to the border between Montenegro and Albania.

After this, you will go downhill through the very beautiful scenery of the Valbona Valley:

After around 30 mins of walking, you will see a very beautiful old mountain hut. The owner is very friendly, and there you can have the chance to drink a beer or something. He carries all the drinks from Valbona with a mule.

After you pass the hut, you will descent to Kukaj village, and then to the Valbona Valley. The total distance for this trail is 18.3 km, and you need around 2 liters of water.



  1. You need to obtain cross-border permission to take this trail.
  2. This trail is available starting from June until November. The trail is dangerous during the snow season.


Points of interest: 

Starting point: Vusanje

Starting altitude: 860 m/alt

Highest altitude: 2’040 m/alt

Elevation gain: 1’200 m


I’ve attached the wikiloc map. You can download and follow it:

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