Valbonë Valley National Park is one of the most visited outdoor destinations in the Balkans. Surrounded by mountains, it looks like a wonderland,  and it is a hiking paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The name “Valbona” refers to the Valbona River which flows through the valley bearing its name. Below you can find 5 impressive views of Valbona Valley National Park.


1. Impressive views from Maja e Popluks

Maja Popluks Valbone

Maja e Popluks (also called Maja e Poplukës, Papluka, Popljuces) is barely visible from either valley but appears when climbing Qafa e Pejes or Qafa e Valbones.
You start this hike from Fusha e Gjes in Valbona Valley, through Rrogam (a small village) then you will have a bar, called “Te Simoni” and there you have the last water source in the spring. After you leave the mini bar called “Te Simoni” you follow the trail until you see a small sign where you choose the right path to Popluka peak. The last part of the trail offers you magical views of the Valbona Valley.
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2. 360 degrees views ascending Maja e Rosit

Valbona Vusanje Rosi Pass

Maja e Rosit (Rosni Vrh) is the 15th highest peak of the Accursed Mountains (Prokletije). It is also called as “Maja e Roshit” and “Rosni Peak”. Located on the border between Albania and Montenegro it’s a perfect hiking peak. During the hike, you can see and enjoy the view of Valbona Valley, Maja e Thate peak, Maja Jezerca peak, Karanfilat range of peaks, Vajusha peak, etc. So, the view during the hike is 360 degrees and magic.
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3. Maja e Boshit 2’416 m/alt, extraordinary views of three Valleys

Maja e Boshit is the only peak where you can enjoy the stunning views of three valleys in the Accursed Mountains. Theth Valley, Valbona Valley, and Valley of Curraj i Epërm. It is a difficult trail through a rocky trail. The starting point for this trail is in Valbona Valley National Park.
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4. Valbona valley view from Valbona pass

Valbona Valley view

Valbona to Theth (Valbona Theth) is one of the most beautiful and popular hikes in the Accursed Mountains (Prokletije). During this hike, you will enjoy the view of the Valbona Valley and then Theth Valley. If you plan to take this hike, you will meet a lot of outdoor enthusiasts from all around the world.
The highest peak of this trail is Qafa e Valbones (Valbona pass) and the altitude is around 1’795 m/alt, from where you can enjoy the beautiful Valbona Valley.
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5. Maja e Kollatës, the stunning views of the Valbona Valley

Kollata view hiking Albania Montenegro

Hiking to Kollata peak (Maja e Kollatës) is one of the most beautiful and challenging hikes in the Accursed Mountains (Prokletije).
After you reach the Maja e Kollatës peak, you can continue straight to a part called the Balcony. Surely the most beautiful part of the trail, where you can enjoy the stunning views of the Valbona Valley. I think there is the best view of this valley comparatively to all other peaks. The terrain is rocky and in some places slippery.
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