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Bogova Waterfall, beautiful exotic destination near Berat

Looking for an exotic outdoor destination in Albania? Bogova waterfall for sure is part of this list. Located in Skrapar municipality, Berat country,  is a great day trip outdoor destination.   How to get to Bogova If you are driving from Tirana, you need to take the highway to Lushnje direction, and then Berat direction....
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Shëngjergj Waterfall, nature wonder close to Tirana

Shëngjergj Waterfall was discovered recently and in just a few years it has become one of the most popular outdoor destinations near Tirana, the capital of Albania. Located only 37 km from Tirana, this destination is a perfect getaway from the urban lifestyle of the capital. If you want a great outdoor day trip combined...
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Theth National Park, the pearl of the Albanian Alps

Theth National Park is one of the most isolated places in Albania and offers access to the most pristine landscape along with a rich history of the highlands that lay uninfluenced by outsiders for centuries. What you will find is a small community that lives off the land, surrounded by magnificent mountains.   How to...
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Mirusha waterfalls, gorgeous waterfall series in Kosovo

Mirusha waterfalls is a waterfall series located in central Kosovo. It is a very famous touristic attraction, and it is a perfect place for an outdoor day trip. There you can hike, climb and swim. Furthermore, you can enjoy the freshness of the waterfalls.   How to get there The geographical position of the Mirusha waterfalls...
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Albania in 7 days – a great outdoor adventure trip

Albania in 7 days – below you can find a great getaway week from day one to day seven. Albania in 7 days – Day 1 – Cape of Rodon Cape of Rodon, one of the best spots of Adriatic Sea in Albania. Beautiful nature of this virgin cape makes it much more beautiful! Located...
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