Shëngjergj Waterfall was discovered recently and in just a few years it has become one of the most popular outdoor destinations near Tirana, the capital of Albania. Located only 37 km from Tirana, this destination is a perfect getaway from the urban lifestyle of the capital. If you want a great outdoor day trip combined with a picnic, Shëngjergj is the perfect synonym of it.


How to get there

Shëngjergj is located 37 km from Tirana (1-hour drive). You pass through Farkë, Surrel, Shkallë and then you will see a Restaurant called Restorant Ujvara Shengjergj. There you can park the car, and walk until you will see a bridge. Before heading to the bridge, on your left, is the starting point for the hike to Shëngjergj Waterfall.


About the hike to Shëngjergj Waterfall

The hike itself it’s quite easy. You need around 20 minutes from the starting point to the waterfall. Along the trail, you will see red and white signs and you can easily reach the waterfall. Hiking shoes are not mandatory but would be a wise choice (Better safe than sorry :) ).

The Shëngjergj Waterfall is encompassed by a beautiful spring of bright and rich vegetation, joined by stratified rocks that flicker fantastically in the daylight. The source of the water is from Mali me Gropa Mountain, which has amazing views too. This waterfall is 30 meters high. The water there is a bit cold but very worthy, you can swim there and refresh yourself! 

The best season to go there is spring. Because of the snowmelt, the water capacity significantly increases.

Points of interest:

Starting point: Shëngjergj, near the bridge

Total distance: 1.5 km

Elevation gain: 56 m


I’ve attached the wikiloc trail to the waterfall. You can download and follow it:

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