Theth National Park is one of the most isolated places in Albania and offers access to the most pristine landscape along with a rich history of the highlands that lay uninfluenced by outsiders for centuries. What you will find is a small community that lives off the land, surrounded by magnificent mountains.


How to get to Theth National Park

There are several ways to get to Theth. One is from Vusanje, Montenegro (18 km hike), from Lëpushë, Albania (20 km), from Valbonë Valley National Park, Albania (13 km hike) and from Shkodër (3 hours drive through an unpaved road).

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Must visit destinations in Theth


Lock-in tower and the Church of Theth

Church of Theth Albania

Kulla e ngujimit (Lock-in Tower) and Church of Theth are two most visited destinations. <strong>Kulla e ngujimit </strong>is a historical destination, very important for the locals and shows how mountain men were trying to avoid the blood feud. The Church of Theth is an important building which has served as a school for this zone too. Read more about the Church: The Church of Theth


Grunas Waterfall

Grunas Waterfall Theth Albania

It takes approximately an hour to get to the waterfall from the center of Theth Village. The hike is spectacular, taking you along a spectacular landscape of rivers, pastures, and mountain slopes.

Check out the picture of this waterfall:


Grunas Canyon

Near Theth, there is a village called Nderlysa. There you will find Vaskat and Blue Eye.


The stone groves of Nderlysa are some rock formations, where the black river water flows, from the village of Kapre in Theth Valley. There you can find crystal clear water.


Blue eye of Theth

Blue Eye Theth Nderlysa Albania
To reach the Blue Eye you must pass one of the rare beauties that are the Grunas Canyon of Theth, one of the pearls of the canyons in the entire country. The Blue Eye is a hidden gem in Albania, which is formed by the erosion of rock by the water that descends from the mountains.


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From Theth, you can hike a lot of mountain peaks like Radohima, Arapi, Peja Pass as well.

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