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Accursed Mountains

The 7 Most Scenic Hikes in Albania

Regardless of its small size, Albania offers many activities for all its guests. From mountains to the sea, from archaeological parks to incredible hikes: Albania has it all.  The country is an exciting destination located on the Balkan and is one of the best spots to enjoy outdoor activities. Check out my list of the...
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Grebaje National Park, an outdoor paradise

Grebaje National Park set in the heart of Prokletije (Accursed Mountains) is a hiking paradise located in the southwest of Montenegro. There you can find very beautiful mountains with gorgeous views like mount Volušnica and mount Taljanka (in the border between Albania and Montenegro) that has an amazing view of the Karanfili massif, or Karanfili...
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Theth National Park, the pearl of the Albanian Alps

Theth National Park is one of the most isolated places in Albania and offers access to the most pristine landscape along with a rich history of the highlands that lay uninfluenced by outsiders for centuries. What you will find is a small community that lives off the land, surrounded by magnificent mountains.   How to...
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Jezerca lakes from Valbona, a challenging off-trail hike

Jezerca lakes (also called as Buni i Jezercës) is an amazing outdoor destination located near the highest peak of the Accursed Mountains (Prokletije), Maja Jezercë. The easiest way to go to the lakes is from Vusanje in Montenegro. But, if you want an off-trail adventure, then you definitely should try going from Valbona Valley National...
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Shala river, secret paradise of the Northern Albania

Shala River is definitely one of the most beautiful destinations of Albania. Reachable only by boat and surrounded by mountains, this river is a perfect getaway for those who want to get rid of the mobile connection. The source of this river is in the Albanian Alps.   About the Shala River Lumi i Shalës...
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