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Sharr Mountains

Bistra, the beautiful peak in Sharr mountains 2’651 m/alt

Bistra, is the third highest peak in Kosovo, after Gjeravica and Rudoka. It is located in the border between Kosovo and Macedonia, with an elevation of 2’651 m/alt. There are a few trails where you can hike this peak, but the most common are from Prevalla, through Lumbardh river spring or through Jazhinca lake. The...
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Maja Skarpa, impressive views in Sharr Mountains

Maja Skarpa is a very beautiful mountain which is located in the southern part of Kosovo, on the border between Kosovo and Macedonia. The elevation of Maja Skarpa mountain is 2’476 m/alt and it is part of Sharr Mountains range. During this hike, you can enjoy a lot of beautiful 360-degree views of the mountains which...
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Oshlak mountain, and its beautiful ridge

Oshlak mountain (also called Osljak) is one of the first trails I’ve done, a moderate hike with very beautiful views. The ridge of this mountain is very beautiful and it is one of the longest mountain ridges in the Balkans, especially the view of the Sharr mountains range from this mountain is very beautiful. How...
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7 hiking trips in Kosovo and Albania you must hit in 2020

It’s time for New Year’s resolution. Don’t forget to add in your Checklist hiking in Kosovo and Albania! Regardless of their small size, Albania and Kosovo offer many activities for all their guests. From mountains to the sea, from archaeological parks to incredible hikes: they have all. The countries are being exciting destinations located on...
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Kosovo’s five best one-day hikes

Kosovo is located in the center point of the Balkan Peninsula (south-east of Europe). Hiking in Kosovo is a great activity if you are planning an adventurous and active holiday. Kosovo’s best one-day hikes   1. Liqenat lakes Liqenat (also known as Leqinat) is a mountain lake and peak in the border between Kosovo and...
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