Cape of Rodon, one of the best spots of the Adriatic Sea in Albania. The beautiful nature of this virgin cape makes it much more beautiful! 

Located 57 km from the capital of Albania, Tirana and 49 km from Durres makes this Cape reachable for everyone. It is a very popular destination for the locals, who go there for a picnic and swimming into the Adriatic Sea.

How to get to Cape of Rodon

There isn’t any public transport, in other words, you need to rent a car, or go by bike. The road is paved, so you don’t need to worry about your car.

At the entrance of the Cape, you need to pay for a ticket fee (around 1 EUR).

There are two ways to go to the Cape of Rodon. The first one is through “Gjiri i Lalezit” which is reachable from Durres and Tirana. The second way is through Shetaj village and then follow the road of “Gjiri i Lalezit”, but I would suggest the first one.

What to eat

There isn’t any restaurant near the Cape. There is a bar, but I would suggest getting some food and water in your backpack before going to the Cape.

Near the Cape, you can find a castle that was built on the 15th century and the Saint Anton church. During the summer, the temperatures are very high therefore avoid the noontime.

You can swim in both sides of the Cape, and the best beach to swim in the White Sand beach located near Saint Anton church. Check out the pictures from this beach:

Cape of Rodon Saint Anton

Walking through the Cape is magic. What I strongly suggest, is to wait for the sunset, because sunsets from the top of the Cape are magic! While you are enjoying the sunset, you can take breathtaking pictures.

Cape of Rodon sunset


In wikiloc, you can check the path walking through the Cape:

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