Albania in 7 days – below you can find a great getaway week from day one to day seven.

Albania in 7 days – Day 1 – Cape of Rodon

Cape of Rodon cover

Cape of Rodon, one of the best spots of Adriatic Sea in Albania. Beautiful nature of this virgin cape makes it much more beautiful!

Located 57 km from the capital of Albania, Tirana and 49 km from Durres makes this Cape reachable for everyone. It is a very popular destination for the locals, who go there for a picnic and swimming into the Adriatic Sea.

Walking through the Cape is magic. What I strongly suggest, is to wait for the sunset, because sunsets from the top of the Cape are magic! While you are enjoying the sunset, you can take breathtaking pictures.

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Albania in 7 days – Day 2 – Sotira waterfalls

Sotira Waterfall spring

Interested in of the most beautiful spots of Albania? Sotira waterfalls for sure is part of this list. Located near Gramsh in the Tomorri Mountain National Park, Sotira waterfalls is a must visit outdoor destination.

Definitely, the best season to go there is spring. Because of the snow melt, the water capacity significantly increases.  During the path from Sotira village to Sotira waterfalls there are some bars where you can enjoy a drink or eat something, but you can take food in your backpack as well. The last supermarket is located in Gramsh, so there isn’t any supermarket in Sotira village. People in Sotira are very friendly.

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Albania in 7 days – Day 3 – Bovilla lake and Thrown Sand

Lake Bovilla (Bovilla reservoir) is one of the most amazing hidden gems of Albania. This reservoir provides most of the drinking water for the capital of Albania, Tirana. Located around 15 km from the capital of Albania, Tirana makes the place very reachable. You can go there for a picnic or if you want some more adventures you can hike to the Gamti mountain where the view of Bovilla Lake is amazing.

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Thrown Sand is a very popular destination in the Adriatic Sea. It is located in coastal town of Shëngjin – Northern Albania, near the city of Shkodra. This destination is well known for its calmness.

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Albania in 7 days – Day 4 – James lake and Valbonë Valley National Park

Valbona Valley

Valbonë Valley National Park is one of the most visited outdoor destinations in the Balkans. Surrounded by mountains, it looks like a wonderland,  and it is a hiking paradise for the outdoor enthusiasts. The name “Valbona” refer to the Valbona River which flows through the valley bearing its name.

If you are planning a brief visit to this Valley, there are two destinations I would suggest nearby, by which you won’t spend too much energy by walking, but instead will be filled with some joyous moments by their beauty. The first one is the lake Liqeni i Xhemës (James Lake). It is located 2-3 km from the Fusha e Gjes’.

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Albania in 7 days – Day 5 – Valbona to Theth and Grunas Waterfall

Theth and Nderlysa, are the most beautiful and isolated villages of the Accursed mountains (Prokletije), therefore the last years they have become famous destinations for the outdoor enthusiasts from all around the world.

A great outdoor destination is definitely Grunas waterfall, check out the picture:

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Albania in 7 days – Day 6 – Theth to Valbona via Valbona pass and Valbona peak

Valbone Theth hike

Valbona to Theth (Valbona Theth) is one of the most beautiful and popular hikes in the Accursed mountains (Prokletije). During this hike, you will enjoy the view of the Valbona Valley and then Theth Valley. If you plan to take this hike, you will meet a lot of outdoor enthusiasts from all around the world.

The highest peak of this trail is Qafa e Valbones (Valbona pass) and the altitude is around 1’795 m/alt. You need around one liter of water for this hike. You have two to three water sources during the path.

The next peak called Valbona peak is around 20 min from there, view from there is majestic.

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Albania in 7 days – Day 7 – Maja e Rosit, beautiful mountain peak

Maja e Rosit Rosni Vrh Albania Montenegro

Maja e Rosit is the 15th highest peak of the Accursed Mountains (Prokletije). It is also called as “Maja e Roshit” and “Rosni Peak“. Located on the border between Albania and Montenegro it’s a perfect hiking peak. During the hike, you can see and enjoy the view of Valbona Valley, Maja e Thate peak, Maja Jezerca peak, Karanfilat range of peaks, Vajusha peak etc. So, the view during the hike is 360 degrees and magic.

Total time for this hike and back is around 8 hours.

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