Zilo Kalnu Karjers – National Park is one of the most beautiful outdoor destinations of Latvia. Located near to the capital Riga, is a great outdoor experience, for everyone. There you can hike, run, swim and a lot of different outdoor activities.


How to get there


To go to this National Park, from Riga there are several forms. By car, bike or train. The nearest city to the National park is Ikšķile and the distance from Riga to there is around 30 km. There are a lot of trains which go from Riga to Ikšķile. In Ikšķile you can find the last supermarket where you can buy food and drinks. After that, you just need to follow the street called Ezera iela for around 5 km. There you can see a lot of small houses used by the locals.

About the Zilo Kalnu Karjers

Latvia Zilo Kalnu Karjers

In the Ezera iela you will go through a great forest, and when you arrive at the beginning of this National Park, you will see a map, which is really helpful. Just follow the trail and you will see the big lake called Dubkalnu karjers. This lake is very beautiful! I went there during the winter, this lake was frozen and the view was impressive! I mounted the hammock there. During the summer, in this lake, you can try swimming too.


Around 500 m walk from the lake, you will see an observation tower of the park called Ogres Zilo kalnu skatu tornis, with a height of 30 meters. From there you can enjoy a perfect view of this National Park.

There isn’t any water source, therefore take around 2 liters of water.


If you want a perfect getaway, far from the city crowd this is the place where I would strongly suggest.