Valbonë to Theth, (or Theth to Valbona)  is one of the most spectacular and popular hikes in Albania, and if you plan to take this hike, you will meet a lot of outdoor enthusiasts from all around the world.

This hike gives you the opportunity to experience two beautiful valleys, Valbona, and Theth Valley. Find below 5 things you need to know before heading out to this trail:


5. Valbonë to Theth trail is accessible only during the summer season

Valbone Theth hike

It is impossible to hike this trail year-round, as the mountain pass (Valbona Pass) becomes too icy and snowy. Near the pass, it might be very dangerous. The snow remains in some parts of the trail until late June, but you can pass through it.                                                                   So, the trail is accessible only during the June – November time frame. Starting from December until May, it is almost impossible to go, because the snow goes up to 2 meters.

4. Valbonë to Theth is not an easy hike and you need proper hiking gear

The trail is in great condition however sometimes it is slippery in parts where you have small stones and rocks along the path.

I would suggest wearing hiking boots with a good grip. And if you have sticks, take them with you. The sticks will give you extra support when coming down. The distance of Valbona to Theth hike is 12 km, and the elevation gain is around 950 m.

3. In some parts, you may get lost

The trail is well marked and many tourists are doing it every day. But, you need to make sure you will not mix the signs. Some tourists, in a part of the trail, mix the signs and follow the path to a peak. You need to take the left to go to Theth. If you follow the right path, you reach the highest peak of the Accursed mountains – Maja Jezerce 2694 m/alt:

Check out the map:

If you are planning to go from Theth to Valbona, check this wikiloc map:

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2. You can find some water sources along the hike

This trail has four to five water sources. The water flows directly from the spring, therefore it is very fresh and you can drink it. Besides this, there are 3 cafés (mountain hut style) along the way. You can eat a snack or have a drink here.

1. The views are fantastic

If you decide to go through this trail, definitely it will be worth it. The view from the Valbona Pass peak is breathtaking. Check out:

Valbona Valley view

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