Malta, the wonderful island situated amidst the Mediterranean ocean, just 90 km from Italy and 300 km from Tunisia in the continent of Africa. Malta has a population of around 470’000 and the total area is around 316 km. Nature there is stunning, and people pleasant and friendly. The island is separated into three primary islands, Malta itself, Gozo and Comino.

In this post, I will try to clarify the best tips and tricks to have a superb experience in this wonderful island.


How to get there

It is very easy to get there by flight. Now, two main low-cost airlines are providing cheap flights to Malta International Airport – the only airport in this island, and then from there, by bus, you can go anywhere on the island.


Where to sleep

There are many places where you can sleep, starting with fancy hotels, Airbnb or enjoy the hostels. I stayed in a hostel near St. Julian’s (30 min by bus from the capital, Valletta).


What to remember before getting to Malta

In Malta all traffic drives on the left-hand side of the road as in the UK, also Malta uses a 3-Pin electricity system, so get your converters or enjoy the offline life!


What to visit in Malta

The island is quite small, therefore on a one week trip, you may cover all the beautiful spots of this island. Below you can find the top destinations there, that I’ve visited.


The capital of Malta, and a perfect place to start your adventure on this island. Valletta is the European Capital of Culture for 2018.


Coral Lagoon (Mellieha)

Coral Lagoon is a hidden gem located in the corner of the Malta island. Getting to Coral Lagoon is easy, you need to take the bus to Cirkewa, and stop to the Ahrax bus stop. From there, you need to walk for an hour. I think there are other possibilities as well, but I used this one.

If the sea is quiet, the view is much more beautiful. Definitely is a must see place.


Popeye village

This village is one of the most favorite spots for me in this island. Childhood throwbacks combined with amazing views. Sometimes it may be crowdy, as it is a touristic attraction. I went from Coral Lagoon walking to Popeye village, but you may take buses as well.


Dingli cliffs

Here is the highest point of Malta, around 250 m above the sea level. It is located around 13 km from Valletta, and the countryside is ideal for walking. If you go there, definitely you will enjoy the perfect view of the sea, especially during the sunset.



Gozo is the second largest island and has awesome views, and there you can go and see a lot of attractions. I and my best friend Ermal, went there by a quad and enjoyed every beautiful spot of Gozo.

In Gozo you can visit Sanap Cliffs, which are amazing:

The seaside rock called Wied Il-Mielaħ:

Or if you are more interested in history, the largest town in Gozo, called Victoria.


Comino & Blue Lagoon

Comino is the smallest island in Malta. Locals told me that there around 6 people still live there. Mostly it is a touristic attraction because of the beautiful Coral Lagoon, which is very touristic and most of the time crowdy. 

Also, you can check out my video with my best friend Ermal from Malta:

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I would like to thank MUYA and CET Prizren for the opportunity to attend a training course in Malta.