Kemeri National Park and Jurmala beach in Latvia are great places for a getaway. Kemeri is a National Park located near the city of Jurmala and it’s a great place for an adventure through the forests. Great lakes, flora, and fauna can be found in this place. In Jurmala, you can enjoy the freshness of the Baltic sea, and for the bravest, you can try the cold water too.


How to get there

You need to go to Riga Central train station, and there you can ask for a ticket to Kemeri or Jurmala. There are a lot of trains that go from Riga to Jurmala. The journey to Jurmala takes around 30 minutes and to Kemeri 15 minutes more.

In Jurmala, you can find supermarkets where you can buy food and drinks.


About the Jurmala beach and Kemeri National Park

Latvia Kemeri

With miles of white-sand beach, pine trees, fresh air and calmness atmosphere, Jurmala is a must visit place in Latvia. There you can go during the summer days or during the cold winter days, as well. I went there during the winter when the temperature was around -10 °C. I tried the Baltic Sea, and it was so freezy. Besides this, the adventure was amazing! Check out the pictures:

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Kemeri National Park is a great place covered by forests and mires. There are several lakes, which makes this place a great adventure place. There you can go and walk through the forest, then go to Kemeri boardwalk, to the tower where you can enjoy the view of The Great Kemeri Bog. You can take great pictures there, especially during the sunrise or sunset.

This National Park has different Flora and Fauna. Moss, lichen, fungi from flora and a lot of different birds from fauna are very common in this area.

There isn’t any water source, therefore take around 1 liter of water.