Plazhi i Gjeneralit is a great quiet beach located near the city of Kavaja, Albania. Plazhi i Gjeneralit means General beach, and it is named from an Italian General during the WWII, because he was amazed from this bay, and he went back to Italy to bring his family on holiday to this bay too.


How to get there

This beach is located in Kavaja. From Tirana, first, you need to go to Durrës, and then head to Kavaja through Golem. The distance between Durrës and Kavaja is 22 km. When you arrive in Kavaja, to an area called Synej, you will see a sign to turn right to Plazhi i Gjeneralit. There you can find the last mini market, where you can buy food and drinks. In the last 5 kilometers, the road is unpaved and you need to drive slowly. 2.5 km before arriving at Plazhi i Gjeneralit, you will have two options, to turn right to go to Kalaja beach (which is closed for the public) and left to Plazhi i Gjeneralit.


Where to eat and sleep

There is a restaurant there, but I didn’t try the food. Also, there is a bar in there too.


About the Plazhi i Gjeneralit beach

Albania Plazhi i Gjeneralit

When you arrive there, you will see a great beautiful bay, and the view of the bay makes you feel the freshness of the Adriatic sea. The sea water and the beach are clean. Sometimes during the weekends, this beach is crowdy. What I strongly suggest, is to stay on the beach until the sunset. I am sure that you will love it!

Camping there is what I loved the most. Quiet nights, combined with the freshness of the sea waves and the sky full of stars, make your night even more perfect.