Explore the serene beauty of Jochberg, a panoramic classic summit nestled between the captivating Kochelsee and Walchensee. This easy mountain hike promises breathtaking views and a tranquil escape into nature’s embrace. With a starting point at the Kesselberg parking lot, this adventure offers a delightful journey for hikers of all levels, making it a perfect addition to your Bavarian exploration.

How to Get There

For those traveling by car, follow B 11 via Kochel towards Wallgau. Just before reaching Lake Walchensee, you’ll find the parking lot at Kesselberg (please note that parking spaces are limited, so arriving early is recommended). If you prefer public transportation, Kochel and Mittenwald are accessible by train from Munich. The RVO bus 9608 connects these towns, with a stop at “Kesselberg Passhöhe” for those coming from Kochel. For the return journey or for travelers coming from Mittenwald, the bus stops in Urfeld, as there is no stop at the pass’s top in that direction.


About the Jochberg Hike

Your journey begins at the Kesselberg parking lot, and if you opt for a sunrise adventure, you’ll set out under the veil of darkness. The well-marked path takes you uphill, where moments of respite are few and far between. After about three-quarters of an hour, you’ll encounter a forested rest area and the junction to Jocheralm. However, your route veers left as you continue the ascent towards Jochberg. Throughout your hike, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the steep north face of Jochberg, with vistas of the Alpine foothills, Kochelsee, Riegsee, Staffelsee, and Starnberger See glistening below in the rising sun. As you ascend, the panorama expands to include Lake Ammersee, Benediktbeuern, and the towering peaks of the Karwendel Mountains, such as the Birkkarspitze, to the south. To the southwest, the Wetterstein Mountains, crowned by the Wettersteinspitze and the Zugspitze, come into view, while the Herzogstand and Heimgarten complete the 360-degree spectacle to the west. At the summit, the vista will captivate your senses, offering a well-deserved reward for your efforts.

In conclusion, the Jochberg hike offers an enriching adventure where nature’s wonders and breathtaking vistas take center stage. From the tranquil shores of Kochelsee to the grandeur of Walchensee, this Alpine journey promises an unforgettable experience for hikers of all levels. So, lace up your hiking boots, embark on this scenic escapade, and let the beauty of Bavaria’s Jochberg sweep you off your feet. Whether you seek solitude, panoramic views, or a new challenge, this mountain hike has it all, and it’s ready to welcome you with open arms.

Points of interest:

Starting point:  Parking lot at Kesselberg (850 m) (Google Maps)

Total distance: 10.2 km

Elevation gain: 750 m

Highest peak: Jochberg (1,567 m)


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