Are you planning for a day trip far from the noise and crowded beaches? I think Kakome bay has them both! When you add this the beautiful virgin nature and clean Ionian sea, this destination is a must!


How to get there

There are two ways to get there, from Saranda by boat or by car.

Kakome bay is located 13 km from Saranda. If you are in Saranda, you need to take the road to Himara. After around 13 km, you will see a sign, and you need to turn left, the road will lead you to Kakome beach.

There is a construction company there building a big resort, so if you want to go there and enjoy the virgin nature, you need to hurry! You have to pay to get in, or just leave the car and go down to the beach on foot.


Where to eat and drink in Kakome bay

There isn’t any restaurant or bar to this beach. So, if you want something to eat or drink make sure to buy them before. There are a lot of supermarkets in the city of Saranda.

About the Kakome bay beach

While going down you will realize how beautiful this bay is, and after walking for around 20 minutes you will arrive at the Kakome bay beach. If you are lucky, the beach may be only for you! Try going to the hill, to enjoy the view of Kakome bay.

Near this bay, there is a fortified Monastery called Saint Mary of Kakome’s Monastery, constructed in the XVI century.

I would highly suggest a trip to this bay!

From Kakome there are a lot of boats to transfer you to another magic beach called Krorëz beach, and it takes around 10 minutes to arrive on that beach.