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Zilo Kalnu Karjers, a great spot for an outdoor trip

Zilo Kalnu Karjers – National Park is one of the most beautiful outdoor destinations of Latvia. Located near to the capital Riga, is a great outdoor experience, for everyone. There you can hike, run, swim and a lot of different outdoor activities.   How to get there   To go to this National Park, from...
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Kemeri National Park – Jurmala, a great adventure in Latvia

Kemeri National Park and Jurmala beach in Latvia are great places for a getaway. Kemeri is a National Park located near the city of Jurmala and it’s a great place for an adventure through the forests. Great lakes, flora, and fauna can be found in this place. In Jurmala, you can enjoy the freshness of...
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Gauja National Park, the largest National Park in Latvia

Gauja National Park, located in the northern part of Latvia, near the city of Gauja is the largest and oldest National Park in Latvia. A lot of outdoor activities and cultural monuments can be seen in this National Park. As outdoor activities, I can mention hiking, bungee jump, cycling, skiing, and boating. Also, there are...
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