Canyon of Erzen River is one of the most visited outdoor destinations in Albania. Located very near to the capital, Tirana and beautiful Canyons, make this destination perfect for an outdoor trip. If you are planning a visit in Tirana, I would definitely suggest going to these Canyons.


How to get there

The Erzen river is 108 km long. The Canyon is located near a village called Pëllumbas, which is 20 km from Tirana. So, you can go there by bike as well.

From Tirana, you need to take the highway to the city of Elbasan. After around 15 km, you have to turn left to the Pëllumbas village. There you will follow the signs, and for 4 km you will be in the Pëllumbas. In the center of this village, you will see a mini market and a restaurant, where you can buy food and drinks. This is the starting point for the mini hike.


The path to Erzen River from Pëllumbas

From the starting point, takes around 1 hour to arrive at the Erzen River Canyon. 

In Pëllumbas, also there is a cave called the Cave of Pëllumbas, where you can find  Impressive stalagmites and stalactites. During the World Wars, people from the village used this village as a hiding spot.

After around 10 minutes, to go to the Cave you need to take the right, and to the Erzen River the left.

After an hour of hiking along a path, you will arrive at the river. Walking through the Canyons is a very beautiful adventure, sometimes a little dangerous but 100% worthy. There you can see a lot of waterfalls and natural pools, therefore choose one to be your private pool for the day. Swim there and enjoy the beauty of Erzen River Canyon. Take food and drinks to have a picnic there.