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Accursed Mountains

Rugova Canyon & Via Ferrata – Peja, Kosovo

Want to have the perfect weekend getaway? Visit the most extraordinary place you’ll find in Kosovo, which is Rugova Canyon. It is located in the north-west of the city of Peja, Kosovo. Rugova’s mystical mountains are perfect for hiking, skiing, and camping. In the meantime, you will be lucky enough to enjoy beautiful waterfalls, lakes,...
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Shkëlzen peak, Tropoja, Albania 2’404 m/alt

If you will drive through the south-west part of Kosovo, you will see an amazing mountain range. There are two peaks that you can pick out in that range. The highest one is Gjeravica peak (2’656 m/alt) officially the highest peak in Kosovo,  and the rocky mountain called Shkëlzen (2’404 m/alt) which is located in...
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Gjeravica, 2656 m/alt – officially the highest peak in Kosovo

Gjeravica, 2656 m/alt is officially the highest peak in Kosovo (unofficially is Rudoka 2’658 m/alt). It is the second-highest peak in the Accursed Mountains (Prokeltije) after Maja Jezerce 2’694 m/alt. The view of the Accursed Mountains from the top of Gjeravica is extremely impressive!   How to get there There are two main ways to...
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Dragobi, the village into the Accursed Mountains

Dragobi is a very beautiful village surrounded by mountains in Northern Albania. Dragobi is well known for its gorge called Gryka E Dragobisë. From Dragobi you can reach some of the peaks of the Accursed Mountains. For example Maja e Hekurave 2’561 m/alt, Maja e Gavnit 2’509 m/alt etc. We tried to reach Maja e...
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Maja e Kollatës, the stunning views of the Valbona Valley

Hiking to Kollata peak (Maja e Kollatës) is one of the most beautiful and challenging hikes in the Accursed Mountains (Prokletije). The peak is located in the border between Montenegro and Albania and it is part of Kolata massif. The elevation of this peak is 2’556 m/alt. There are several paths to go to Kollata peak, but...
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