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Planning and equipment – All you need to know

Planning and equipment are two important things you need to take into account. Check it out:

Set your goals and start planning and equipment

Set your next goal and work for it! Every activity comes at a cost. You need to understand how much time and money you will spend to get closer to your goal, therefore you will need money for the food, training, travel, planning, and equipment.

Let’s start with the food.
Usually the food it is the decisive thing to reach a goal or not. For an outdoor guy, the food should be all the time in the on the top of the list. Try to avoid junk food as much as possible. Pizzas, hamburgers, toasts, sodas should not be any more in your supermarket cart. Try to replace all these with vegetables, fresh fruits and fresh meat (if you are not vegetarian or vegan).
Lipids, proteins, and carbs should be in the proper way in your food.


You cannot go to the mountains wearing jeans and sneakers. You need special boots and special shoes for mountaineering. Depending on the mountain and from the season you will need different boots. In the summertime and not high-altitude mountain it is a big mistake to wear winter boots because you will feel like your feet are burning. Or imagine wearing summer hiking boots in a snowy terrain, awful!

It is important before going to a mountain to study the terrain, to study the mountain and the weather conditions. Before stepping into the first climb you will need some special t-shirts.

Dry fast t-shirts are the most useful t-shirts from all climbers all around the world. You will need a waterproof jacket and eventually windproof to protect you from the wind and rain. Sunglasses also should be on your list because will protect you from the dust and UV. Outdoor trousers or shorts (depends on the weather) are needful too (Dry fast).
The backpack is one of the most necessary and basic equipment because you will carry on all the time and if it is not comforting for your back you will have real problems with it.

Lightweight backpacking isn’t just for long-distance trekkers anymore. The entire outdoor industry is going light and there’s a good reason for that. So, think twice before buying a backpack.
Other accessories, you can find online or in outdoor shops all around.

Considerations for the choice of hiking equipment may include:
-Length and remoteness of trip
-Optimal weight and capacity
-Special medical considerations
-Weather: temperature range, sun/shade, rain, snow, ice
-Terrain: trail conditions, cliffs, sand, swamp, river crossings
-Shelter and clothes
-Water plan
-Overnight shelter

Basic equipment for hiking include:

Backpack, outdoor Boots, dry fast t-shirts, hiking trousers, Helmet, Sunglasses, Trekking Poles etc. For camping, you will need extra equipment.

First aid kit

A special place in your backpack should be reserved for first aid kit. Imagine if an accident happens, you should be prepared mentally, physically and have needful equipment for first aid. Keep it cool and in a dry place, out of children. Many people also keep a small first aid kit in their backpack for emergencies.

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