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Great Rudoka 2658 Kosovo North Macedonia

Great Rudoka 2’658 m/alt, adventure in southern Kosovo

The Great Rudoka 2’658 m/alt, unofficially the highest peak of Kosovo (officially is Gjeravica 2’656 m/alt). Located in the border between Kosovo and Macedonia, and it is part of the...
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Bjeshka e Kabashit Prizren

Bjeshka e Kabashit, hiking destinatination near Prizren

Bjeshka e Kabashit is a very beautiful mountain located in the south part of Kosovo, near the city of Prizren. From the top of this mountain, you will have stunning...
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Hiking Piribreg Brezovica Kosovo

Piribreg peak – impressive views of the Sharr Mountains

Piribreg is one of the top destinations for outdoor enthusiasts in Kosovo, therefore a lot of people are going there for camping, hiking, snowshoeing and also skiing. It is located...
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Pashtrik, the legendary mountain 1987 m/alt

Pashtrik mountain, located in the border between Kosovo and Albania is a legendary mountain, because of the last war in Kosovo, in 1999. A lot of hostilities were made in...
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Shutman lake Brod

Shutman lake, Sharr Mountains – Southern Kosovo

The Shutman lake – a glacial lake, which is one of the largest lakes in the Sharr Mountains. This lake lies in an elevation of 2’070 m/alt. It is located...
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