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Qafa e Rosit

7 hiking trips in Kosovo and Albania you must hit in 2020

It’s time for New Year’s resolution. Don’t forget to add in your Checklist hiking in Kosovo and Albania! Regardless of their small size, Albania and Kosovo offer many activities for...
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Shtupeq hiking winter Rugova

Kosovo’s five best one-day hikes

Kosovo is located in the center point of the Balkan Peninsula (south-east of Europe). Hiking in Kosovo is a great activity if you are planning an adventurous and active holiday....
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Kopana voda, great hiking trail near Prizren

This is the view you will get if you hike for around 2 hours from Prizren. Kopana voda, is a perfect day trip hiking, appropriate for everyone who wants to...
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Leposavic hiking

Leposavic mountains, unexplored part of Kosovo

Due to political reasons, the Northern part of Kosovo (Leposavic mountains too) it still remains unexplored. But, I was amazed by the beautiful views of this hike and I would...
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Koshutan, the beautiful destination of Rugova Mountains

If you are planning to visit and hike in Kosovo, Rugova mountains is a must. Located in north-west part of Kosovo, in the border between Kosovo and Montenegro is a...
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Mirusha waterfall Kosovo

Mirusha waterfalls, gorgeous waterfall series in Kosovo

Mirusha waterfalls is a waterfall series located in central Kosovo. It is a very famous touristic attraction, and it is a perfect place for an outdoor day trip. There you...
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