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Jazhince Lake Alpveenturer

Jazhinca, heart-shaped lake in Sharr Mountains

Jazhinca is a mountain lake in Kosovo, which is located in Sharr Mountains (Šar Mountains). The elevation of this lake is 2’180 m/alt.   How to get there The starting...
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Via Ferrata Prizren

Via Ferrata Panorama Prizren

Prizren is very well known for its culture, history, and I am so proud to call it my hometown! Another great thing about Prizren is the fact that this city...
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Bistra, the beautiful peak in Sharr mountains 2’651 m/alt

Bistra, is the third highest peak in Kosovo, after Gjeravica and Rudoka. It is located in the border between Kosovo and Macedonia, with an elevation of 2’651 m/alt. There are...
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Liqenat lake winter

Liqenat, Kuqishte a great hiking trip in the border between Kosovo and Montenegro

Liqenat (also known as Leqinat) is a mountain lake and peak in the border between Kosovo and Montenegro located near Kuqishte village. If you are planning an outdoor day activity...
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Skarpa peak Sharr Mountains

Maja Skarpa, impressive views in Sharr Mountains

Maja Skarpa is a very beautiful mountain which is located in the southern part of Kosovo, on the border between Kosovo and Macedonia. The elevation of Maja Skarpa mountain is 2’476...
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Oshlak Mountain Kosovo

Oshlak mountain, and its beautiful ridge

Oshlak mountain (also called Osljak) is one of the first trails I’ve done, a moderate hike with very beautiful views. The ridge of this mountain is very beautiful and it...
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